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Many families tell us that they wish they had called hospice sooner. Although discussing end-of-life care for your loved one can be difficult, it is worth educating yourself about what options are available. Consider what type of care would provide your loved ones with the highest quality of life and comfort in their final months.

You may be exhausted and discouraged when you hear that despite aggressive medical treatments and all your best efforts that your loved one is not getting better. We understand, and we want to help. Hospice care focuses on making a patient comfortable rather than seeking a cure. Hospice professionals help patients and families focus on the patient’s quality of life and dignity. If you are still not sure if hospice is the right choice, there are some common signs that a person with a life-limiting condition often displays when hospice would be an appropriate choice for their care.

  • Frequent trips to the Emergency Room
  • Pain that is Difficult to Treat or Control
  • Frequent or Reoccurring Infections
  • Decreased Appetite or Dramatic Weight Loss
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Increased Sleeping
  • Difficulty Performing Daily Tasks
  • Increased Confusion or Mental Decline

To qualify for hospice care, an individual needs a physician to certify that if their condition were to follow its perceived course that the patient’s life expectancy would be six months or less. Hospice care allows a patient to receive care, comfort, and support wherever they call home. Hospice of Hillsdale County has a compassionate team of professionals that specialize in pain and symptom management, supporting patients and their families emotionally and spiritually, so that they can get the most life out of their remaining time together.

This list is not meant to be interpreted as a definitive diagnosis or treatment for any disease. This information is intended to help guide caregivers when faced with a loved one that has a life-limiting condition. Don’t wait until you are in a crisis situation. Call 517-437-5252 to learn about available options, and schedule a free informational visit today.

Providing Dignity and Peace
Through Compassionate End of Life Care