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Young caregiver helping an older woman with a blanket

What Our Patients And Families Say About Us

“Sometimes when a person thinks of a loved one on Hospice care, they feel it means their loved one will now die. This is not true. Hospice care providers want to help our loved ones have the best quality of life that is possible whether it is days, weeks, months, or sometimes years. I know this because before I retired, I worked for 15 years at an assisted living and saw all of the above. Just recently my sister and I along with our dad’s agreement placed him on hospice care with Hospice of Hillsdale County. His pain was so great he could hardly bear it. Within two days with Hospice of Hillsdale County, he was completely pain-free. He is now eating, drinking, alert, and walking with a walker. Recently, he said, ‘I am so glad they are taking care of me. I don’t hurt anymore.’ Is he cured? No. It would take a miracle and I do believe in miracles. I do know that Hospice of Hillsdale County has helped our father live a comfortable life by controlling his symptoms. All the staff at Hospice of Hillsdale County are God’s hands.”

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Providing Dignity and Peace
Through Compassionate End of Life Care