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Bereavement Services

Grief is personal to everyone. People experience the passing of a loved one, emotionally and physically, in different ways. It is ok to feel the loss and seek help in your time of change and in transitioning to life without them. Hospice of Hillsdale County offers caring, compassionate grief support to help you mourn your loss, recover, and celebrate a life well-lived.

Opting to work through your grief with us allows you the time you need to grieve and come to terms with your loss in the right ways. We offer a broad range of grief support services up to 12 months after a loss and we extend those services to anyone struggling with the loss of their friend or family member. Together, we make it ok to experience strong feelings and emotions in a structured, beneficial way in order to come to terms with the event and begin to heal.


Our Grief Support Services

For more than 37 years, Hospice of Hillsdale County has been there for our community members during their time of grief. We use our expertise to develop caring, compassionate support groups for people who need it the most. Whether gathering to lend a sympathetic ear in a group or providing the tools and resources necessary for more personalized bereavement work, Hospice of Hillsdale County is there to help with techniques and methods that work:

Support Groups

Our free, weekly support groups are open to the public and families with loved ones in hospice care. Participants learn about grief in a relaxed, comfortable environment while supporting each other in a broader, more all-encompassing way.

Bereavement Counseling

Our organization seeks to help anyone in our community who has suffered a loss. Our specialized bereavement programs are more focused and designed to overcome the challenge of loss in a personalized way. Hospice of Hillsdale County helps those who are grieving by giving them the tools to adjust, heal, and regain the ability to cope with daily living without their loved one, one on one, or in a group.

Camp Courage

Once a year in June, children are offered the chance to work through their grief as well at our organized day camp. Campers participate in structured and free-time activities to build the strength and courage to cope with their loss, express themselves through counseling and mentorship, and experience their own healing process. Some of the activities offered include swimming, crafts, music therapy, a discussion about funerals, a reptile sanctuary, and a memorial service at the day’s conclusion.

Our support groups meet on Thursdays every week at 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.  Please call our office at 517-437-5252 for more information, or to sign up.

Contact us for Professional Grief Support

You don’t have to go through your grief alone. Hospice of Hillsdale County has the resources, gatherings, and professional counseling services to help you process your grief and loss and help you heal. Contact us today for more information about our programs, and let us be there for you in your trying time with grief support and assistance that works.

Providing Dignity and Peace
Through Compassionate End of Life Care